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Companion Animal Behavior News
Dogs, cats, horses, birds, small pets, animal behavior, ethology and wild life. Enjoying the ANN ? Tell a friend! or purchase from one of our sponsors! or Link to us!
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Companion Animals? NOT! ANN will provide you with articles about wildlife that are important to you regarding the evolution of mankind. Wildlife Category
Feline House Soiling Problems
House-soiling takes four forms. All are normal behaviours seen in all Felids and the treatment success rate is high. Read the Full Story
"Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." ~Mark Twain

"The disposition of noble dogs is to be gentle with people they know and the opposite with those they don't know...How, then, can the dog be anything other than a lover of learning since it defines what's its own and what's alien." ~Plato

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Appeasing Pheromones in Mammals
The use of pheromones is well known in agriculture to keep some insects away from plants. The so-called pheromonal communication is very strong in this Order. Read the Full Story
Heartworm Prevention Can Prevent Future Heartache. April showers bring not only May flowers but unfortunately mosquitoes as well. Pesky mosquitoes are the official airline of a blood-borne parasite that causes heartworm disease, a potentially deadly illness in dogs and cats. Read the Full Story
Dog Diseases, Vaccination Risks and Behavior Problems
The following is an explanation of how scientists working on the Dog Genome Initiative are going about trying to identify genes that determine behavior or inherited diseases in dogs. It was written for non-scientists by Dr. Polly Matzinger, an immunologist, and originally posted on the email list BC-Forum. Read the Full Story
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What's Love got to do with it? Canines as Classed Commodities In researching this paper, it has become obvious that dogs are not only a classed commodity, but the standardisation of purebred lines is a highly racialized practice. My original intent of this paper was to discuss why people bought pets and pet related products, but the further into the research I got, the more I realised that the question to be asked was not why, but who buys what?.
A Call for Paper Submission Read the Full Story
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