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Companion Animal Behavior News
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Companion Animals? NOT! ANN will provide you with articles about wildlife that are important to you regarding the evolution of mankind. Wildlife Category
On my mind: the perils of praise
There's a long-standing tradition that gushy praise is something dogs like. That praise helps them learn. That praise tells them you are pleased, and that they like that. But is that all true? Read the Full Story
Lives Over the Counter
The Caged to Sell report concluded that in 2003:
  • The majority (83%) of the main Scottish pet shops which specialised in selling exotic species housed animals that were showing abnormal behaviour.
  • The majority (90%) of the animals showing abnormal behaviour in the main Scottish pet shops specialising in selling exotic animals were exotic animals.
  • It appeared that more animals had difficulty coping with their lives in pet shops specialising in selling exotic animals than in other types of pet shops.
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Which of us has not been stunned by the beauty of an animal's skin or its flexibility in motion? ~Marianne Moore

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to. ~Alfred A. Montapert

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Intermediate Bridge
Have you ever seen athletics on TV - or in real life?... The nearer he comes to the finish, the louder the audience cheers, the faster he runs... Athletes of all sports tell in interviews how what the spectators do, affects their performances. "I felt like having wings", they say - taken on the wind of cheering and applause. This is, in a nutshell, what happens with an intermediate bridge, a particular form of the Keep Going Signal. Read the Full Story
Scooping Poop Keeps Parasites at Bay. Have you ever walked away from a pile your pet has left on public property? Have you gone days, or even weeks, without picking up your pet's piles in the back yard? Many pet owners do not realize that cat and dog feces carry parasitic worms capable of infecting humans. Read the Full Story
Before Visiting the Dog Park. . .
If you're a dog owner fortunate enough to live near a dog park, you know they are fun places for your dog to play with other dogs. Summer is a great time to visit a dog park for fresh air, healthy exercise, and socialization for both dogs and people. Read the Full Story
Squirt Bottles, Punishment, and Cat Behavior
The scenario plays out with cat guardians everywhere: the cat is always getting into something, like jumping onto counters, climbing up screen doors or drapes…and the list goes on. It seems like everyone these days is armed with a handy squirt bottle or squirt gun; sometimes, as I've seen in clients' homes, in every room of the house. Somewhere along the line, this punishing tool has become as prevalent and acceptable as just saying a loud "NO!” In response, we've had many queries, both on line and in consultations, about the efficacy of this method. Read the Full Story
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What's Love got to do with it? Canines as Classed Commodities In researching this paper, it has become obvious that dogs are not only a classed commodity, but the standardisation of purebred lines is a highly racialized practice. My original intent of this paper was to discuss why people bought pets and pet related products, but the further into the research I got, the more I realised that the question to be asked was not why, but who buys what?.
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