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The Attorney's Niche by Karen Copeland, ESQ Facts
Karen Copeland, Esq. is an attorney in private law practice concentrating in laws relating to animals in the context of housing, landlord-tenant law and discrimination against the disabled, as well as (allegedly) dangerous dog laws.

Before entering private practice, she worked as a civil prosecutor with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development Housing Litigation Bureau of the City of New York, and as a law clerk with Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim and Ballon while attending Brooklyn Law School. She serves on the board of the not -for- profit organization Legal Action for Animals, Inc., where she also provides legal assistance on their telephone legal issues hotline.

Karen has lectured at the CLE course sponsored by the Committee on Laws Pertaining to Animals of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, "Service, Therapy and Emotional Support Animals"(2003), and also was a featured speaker at the committee's conference, "Animals and the Law" (1996) . She participated as a panelist in the New York County Lawyers Association forum "Hot Topics in Landlord Tenant Law" (2005). She participated in the creation of the course, "Animal Laws, Advocacy and Access" jointly sponsored by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Delta Society (1999). She is a member of the Nassau County Bar Association and the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Karen has been consulted and/or appeared as an expert in the area of laws regarding animals in housing on She and/or her work with animals have been featured in articles in
  • CBS Evening News,
  • ABC-TV Eyewitness News,
  • Court TV Legal Cafe,
  • Court TV Instant Justice,
  • Good Day New York,
  • Animal Planet,
  • Telemundo,
  • WP 11 News,
  • WOR channel 9 News,
  • Fox Five News,
  • News One New York,
  • News 12 Long Island,
  • Care-TV and
  • WOR Radio.
  • the New York Times,
  • New York Law Journal,
  • Fair Housing-Fair Lending Reporter,
  • Los Angeles Times,
  • Time Out New York,
  • New York Daily News,
  • New York Post,
  • New Yorker,
  • Newsday,
  • Boston Herald,
  • USA Today,
  • the Cooperator,
  • the American Bar Association's Torts and Insurance Practice Section Animal Law Committee Newsletter and
  • the Hudson Institute's American Spectator,
  • Finkelstein and Ferrara's Landlord Tenant Reporter,
  • the Cooperator,
  • the Internet website, and
  • in New York Tails magazine, where she also serves as an editorial adviser.
She earned a BA degree in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts and a JD degree from Brooklyn Law School. She may be reached at 212-560-7154 or send an email to .