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Email Marketing the Easy Way! Facts
The most profitable ROI for your business is email campaigns. Your customers want to be reminded of your services and products.

As a web developer, I ask my customers what they will do to get repeat business or new clients. Invariably, they are unsure of what that next step is. Email marketing is the answer!

The first step is to collect your website visitors' email addresses and preferably full names, and how they heard about you, which requires a script, a form, a way to collect that data into a database and maintenance of dead or erroneous email addresses. I encourage my customers to adhere to optin requirements to be in compliance with the laws. Then, you must use some type of software to send out your announcement or newsletter. I am strongly against using your own email program such as Outlook or a free service such as hotmail or yahoo because you cannot track bounces or personalize your campaigns to name a few restrictions.

Because of the enormous amount of spam filling our mailboxes, hosting companies and ISP's have set restrictions regarding sending emails on the hosted service or through your ISP:

  • Limited # of emails sent at one time
  • List break up more susceptible to filters
  • Message can be filtered, blocked or undelivered without notice
  • If messages perceived as spam, entire corporate email server can be blocked by ISPs
Most likely, if any of the above happens you may wind up getting banned from your hosting company.

In the past, I did the mailing for many of my clients. They sent me content copy and I charged a minimum of 15 cents per email address, not including any service fees charged for handling abnormal amounts of bounces, updating the database or other issues that may arise. A 500 email address list fee started at $75.00!

I found a much better solution! And cheaper - check prices with phone and email support included.

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Constant Contact® Makes Email Marketing Easy!
Collect site visitor email addresses or use your own permission-based list, then create and send targeted, professional email newsletters and promotions, and track your results. All you need is a browser. Simply select a template, drop in your unique message and graphics, and schedule delivery. Constant Contact does the rest! Benefits:
  • Collects site visitor email addresses and interests
  • Imports in-house permission-based email addresses
  • Creates and sends great-looking email newsletters and promotions in minutes
  • Manages your list and tracks and reports your results automatically
  • No technical expertise is necessary

Features: See all the features

  • Wizard guides you through campaign creation
  • Over 100 ready-to-use templates - newsletters, seasonal/holiday promotions, company updates and more!
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Automatic email formatting and delivery (HTML and Text)
  • Automatic list management and instant results reporting

Constant Contact was designed to meet the needs of small businesses -- it's easy-to-use and affordable.

Don't take our word for it! Take a tour
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For the second year in a row, Constant Contact was voted the most popular email marketing service in a Web Marketing Today® survey.

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Anne Palumbo is co-partner of the ANN, owns - a premier web hosting company offering full business services and tools. Ms. Palumbo has been a web developer and programmer for over 15 years.