Companion Animals. Cats. Dogs, feline, canine, equine, horse, pocket petsAnimal behavior newsletter, ethology, avian, reptiles, Cats. Dogs, feline, canine, equine, horsesAnimal behavior newsletter, ethology, avian, reptiles, cats. dogs, feline, canine, equine, horses
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Animal News FAQ
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  1. What is the ANN?
The Animal News Network, (ANN), is a premier digital resource center containing articles and other resources for those in animal related fields, animal lovers and pet owners. Since 2002, and for 7 years, the ANN has operated at no cost to subscribers, updating and enhancing site features such as the subscribing log in script, site design, hosting and content development. In addition, our senior editor and other volunteers have worked many hours finding and obtaining permission based content for our subscribers so they could access content from one resource. Your contributions and/or subscription fees will help the ANN to continue to provide these and many more new resources! Thank you for your support!
  2. Who Should Subscribe?
Dog trainers, animal behavior counselors, animal behaviorists, veterinarians, horse trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers, students in animal related courses, pet owners, cat lovers & owners, animal nutritionists, marine staff, vet techs, wildlife staff, zoo staff, small animal experts, bird watchers & experts, environmentalists, those interested in how animals affect the environment, our effect on the environment and animal habitat and anyone else interested in animals.
  3. What is the ANN's Tip Piggy Jar?
The Animal News Network's, (ANN), tip jar is about giving the ANN a thumbs up in appreciation for good service and to support the continuance of resources. Throw any amount you want into the tip jar as we appreciate your acknowlegement! Please note that the tips are NOT tax deductible. Once you click on the tip piggy you will be taken to PayPal to complete your transaction. At the top of the PayPal page you will see a fill-in amount textbox next to the word "donate". (we cannot control PayPal's wording). Payments will be accepted by AP Consultants on behalf of the ANN. You do not need a PayPal account to tip the ANN.
  4. Why has the ANN changed to a subscription based service?
After 7 years of providing valuable content to all in animal related fields & other categories, the ANN recognizes that in order to grow, provide more advanced and cutting edge content, research, studies, cases and develop other areas of interest for our subscribers, we must charge a subscription fee. If you are a current subscriber, please log into your profile area to review what resources are free and what resources would require a paid subscription.

Subscription fees, content access & resources are subject to change without notice.

You are welcome to join the ANN