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Animal News Volunteers
The Animal News Network, (ANN), the premier digital resource for Dog Trainers, Behaviorists, Vets & Enthusiasts, is seeking a few volunteer assistant editors & writers. In these infamous positions you will work with our senior editor to help continue to grow our nl.

The Rewards:

  • Be a part of a fabulous nl that brings with it it's own fame and glory
  • Brainstorm with 2 really neat women
  • Receive a feature page for your fabulous past & present business acclamations
  • Have your very own email address with for as long as you work with us
  • Receive discounted hosting with AP Consultants

The Fun Part - Duties:
For about 5 hours or less per month

Editor's Skills & Duties:

  1. Assist in researching and securing articles for re-print
  2. Brainstorm new opportunities for our nl's growth
  3. Cultivate sources and develop story ideas that investigate current issues and challenges facing the ANN subscribers.
  4. Copy-edit articles as assigned
  5. Make a few phone calls now and then

Writer's Skills & Duties

  1. Ability to identify, research and write feature articles, news releases, story briefs
  2. As needed write press releases
  3. As needed arrange for interviews
  4. All content written must be technically accurate
  5. Must have excellent writing skills

Must Have:

  • Ability to communicate well orally, in writing and to work independently as well as in a team environment
  • A background related to animals
  • A background related to research - optional

To submit your enquiry for these wonderful opportunities please use this application form
Application deadline: until filled

Thank you!
Animal News Network

You are welcome to join the ANN