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Animal News Vol 7/36 - Feb 2008
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animal news Dogs, cats, horses, birds, small pets, animal behavior, ethology and wildlife.
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We invite contributions which address animal related research papers, scientific studies or articles. Contributions can also include animal training or behavior cases. Papers can be related to ethology, behavior, wildlife, fisheries, human animal bond and other animal sciences & welfare. You are welcome to submit yours for review. If approved, it will be listed in the next available issue. To Learn how to submit to ANN Click Here!!!

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Animal News on Behavior, Ethology & Wildlife submitted by well known authors and Veterinary Behaviorists:
  • Dr. Rolan Tripp, DVM - Veterinarian & Animal Behavior Specialist
  • Dr Joel Dehasse - Behaviorist Veterinarian Charter Diplomate ECVBM-(CA)
  • Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, Diplomate ACVB, ABS Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
  • Race Foster, DVM, Marty Smith, DVM, Drs. Foster & Smith
  • Daniel Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.
  • WSAVA The World Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • Stacy Braslau-Schneck, M.A. - & many more
Companion Animals? NOT! ANN will provide you with articles about wildlife that are important to you regarding the evolution of mankind. Wildlife Category
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They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum. ~Tallulah Bankhead.
Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them. ~Bill Vaughan
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Animal Welfare and Breeding Programs
Animal Welfare research and its implications to non-human primate breeding programs: A Case Study of the Lion-tailed macaque conservation breeding program from India. ABSTRACT: There is a growing need for non-human primate populations in captivity to be managed using techniques based on scientific principles, to be able to maintain self-sustaining populations, to educate our burgeoning human population about current conservation issues and for some zoological parks, to successfully reintroduce these populations into their wild habitats. Read the Full Story
Pet Dentistry: Dogs and Cats Need Dental Care, Too
Pet dentistry has become an established aspect of good veterinary care. And for good reason! One of the best things a pet owner can do to insure the overall health of their pet is to do routine checking of the teeth, gums and oral cavity. Look at the two photos shows a healthy state of oral hygiene, and the other...well, youBrowse through the huge inventory of pet foods and supplies! can see for yourself that this dog has some major problems. Read the Full Story
About Marine Turtles
First appearing more than 100 million years ago, marine turtles represent an ancient and distinctive part of the world's biological diversity. As recently as the 18th and 19th centuries, marine turtles were highly abundant, with some populations numbering well into the millions. In the last several hundred years, however, humans have overwhelmed the species' ability to maintain their numbers. We capture them intentionally for food, skin, and shell. We capture them accidentally in fisheries. We destroy their foraging, nesting, and resting habitats. Most recently, we have been polluting the environment in which they live, the oceans. Today, few populations of marine turtles are unaffected. Most are declining, often seriously. Many are extinct. Read the Full Story
Past global warming produced monster penguins
Scientists have discovered fossil remains of a giant species of penguin that lived some 40 million years ago in what is now Peru. Coupled with the finding of a smaller species from the same time period, the remains reveal that early penguins responded differently to natural climate change than scientists would have expected. The results are published in the PNAS Online Early Edition the week of June 25-29, 2007. Read the Full Story
Animal Videos
We at the ANN found this video to be an excellent display of shaping, autoshaping, habituation and wanted to pass it onto our readers. Read the Full Story
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