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Animal News
Dogs, cats, horses, birds, small pets, animal behavior, ethology and wild life. Enjoying the ANN ? Tell a friend! or Link to us!

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Animal News Network contains articles on many topics such as Wildlife, Behavior, and Ethology submitted from well known national/international authors and Veterinary Behaviorists:
  • Dr Joel Dehasse - Behaviorist Veterinarian Charter Diplomate ECVBM-(CA)
  • Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, Diplomate ACVB, ABS Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist
  • Race Foster, DVM, Marty Smith, DVM, Drs. Foster & Smith
  • Daniel Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D.
  • WSAVA The World Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • Stacy Braslau-Schneck, M.A.

We invite contributions which address animal related research papers, scientific studies or articles. Contributions can also include animal training or behavior cases. Papers can be related to ethology, behavior, wildlife, fisheries, human animal bond and other animal sciences & welfare. You are welcome to submit yours for review. If approved, it will be listed in the next available issue. To Learn how to submit to ANN Click Here!!!
Companion Animals? NOT! ANN will provide you with articles about wildlife that are important to you regarding the evolution of mankind. Wildlife Category
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There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before. ~Robert Lynd (1879 - 1949), The Blue Lion and Other Essays
Do Animals Have Souls?
One day when yoga instructor Kari Harendorf was practicing backbends, her dog Charlie padded over and started stretching out beneath her on the hardwood floor. In a flash of insight that may or may not recall some ancient yogic pioneer’s moment of inspiration for Downward and Upward Dog, the modern-day discipline of doga was born. Read the Full Story
Why Is My Dog Or Cat Sneezing? Pets and people sneeze for two reasons. Either the membranes that line their nose are inflamed or a foreign object of some sort is present in the nostrils. Nasal membranes become inflamed either because the pet was exposed to a chemical irritant or it has contracted a respiratory tract infection. Read the Full Story
Animals and Earthquakes
Etho-Geological Forecasting: Unusual Animal Behavior & Earthquake Prediction

I began researching the strange and mysterious behaviors of animals that are often reported prior to earthquakes in 1996 as part of a collaboration with British biologist Rupert Sheldrake. The initial research that I did became the backbone for the section on this subject in Dr. Sheldrake's bestselling book on the unexplained powers of animals, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home. Read the Full Story
Animal Hoarders: The Illness and the Crime
Animal hoarders—once described as “collectors” whose good intentions had gone awry—are now recognized as individuals whose mental illness or compulsion can cause criminal behavior with horrific consequences for animals, the hoarders’ families, and their communities. Read the Full Story
China Bear Rescue
As the group working on the rescue of farmed bears in both China and Vietnam, the Animals Asia team know moments of despair when we look into the terrified eyes of a newly rescued cub, and wonder how long it will take before he begins to realise that he's "home", or try to apologise to his suffering mother for the despicable actions of our species as we see a painful metal pipe protruding grotesquely from her abdomen.

But these moments rapidly disappear, when we see Jasper and Banjo popping their heads out of their custom made swimming pool - telling us in their own way exactly how much of a difference we are making to their lives. Two of over two hundred rescued bears at our Sanctuary in China who have all clearly forgotten their previous misery and pain - these are the bears that give us hope. Read the full Story

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